Projects in recent weeks

Professional translation is a great business and each project brings its own set of novelties and challenges, depending on the content to be translated and the business domain concerned.

Here are some recent English (USA) to French (France) translation projects:

  • training content in the waste management field
  • interview in the field of linguistics
  • technical marketing in the aerospace, energy and supply chain sectors
  • online help in the field of cryptocurrencies

Complementary translation project (construction sector)

Complementary EN-US>FR-CA translation project on safety conditions in the building and construction sector.

New translation project (construction sector)

EN-US>FR-CA translation project on soft tissue injuries and safety conditions in the building and construction sector.

10 years in business


The story began in december 2011, so 10 years ago.
It keeps going, still with the same passion!

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