The importance of organising and working on your content

Look at the photo illustrating this post: we have all seen books piled up in complete chaos. Well, it's just the same with computer files.

When discussing document and content management with prospects, the same thing often comes up: it's never been technically easier to publish content online. But creating, organising, and optimising that content to make it an asset is more difficult.

The content you make available to customers, partners, or other third parties is an integral part of the products and services you offer. It is their showcase and that of your company or organisation. For example, unreadable, non-existent, or out-of-date documentation undermines the image you wish to project of a service or product.

There is no shortage of specialised software solutions, and the supply is abundant, even overabundant. The challenge is to find the solution that will strictly meet your needs: some of these solutions offer complete and... complex functionalities.

The container is important, of course, but it is above all the relevance of the content that must be prioritised: what content do you want to make available? Why? For whom? Is this content already in your possession? Can it be distributed as it is? Does it need to be reworked?

The hyper-presence of communication and content distribution technologies raises issues such as the choice of the right tools, the constant monitoring and management of content, and its quality (writing, relevance). So even if this means creating online content, let's create content that is organised, worked on, in short, of quality!

New translation project (IT networks)

A new client company has just brought quite a substantial EN-US > FR-FR translation project in the cyber security sector. Thank you to them for their trust!

Technical documentation project (energy sector)

Very happy with the trust placed in us at the beginning of this year by a player in the oil industry for a technical documentation project. A lot of exciting work ahead on a project whose starting point is a blank sheet of paper!

Projects in recent weeks

Professional translation is a great business and each project brings its own set of novelties and challenges, depending on the content to be translated and the business domain concerned.

Here are some recent English (USA) to French (France) translation projects:

  • training content in the waste management field
  • interview in the field of linguistics
  • technical marketing in the aerospace, energy and supply chain sectors
  • online help in the field of cryptocurrencies

Complementary translation project (construction sector)

Complementary EN-US>FR-CA translation project on safety conditions in the building and construction sector.


nom: construction, bâtiment, édifice

New translation project (construction sector)

EN-US>FR-CA translation project on soft tissue injuries and safety conditions in the building and construction sector.

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