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  • newspaper articles,
  • leaflets, business and marketing documents,
  • reports and summaries,
  • user guides and manuals,
  • localisation of websites,
  • term base creation and maintenance.

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Translation means:

  • first, a fully-fledged occupation, which requires commitment, seriousness and rigor, like all occupations,
  • an occupation that needs analysis and understanding of the source text, taking into account the linguistic and cultural specificities of each language,
  • the belief that a quality translation requires the intervention of a human translator, for a living language constantly evolves, inventing new words and expressions the contexts and related areas of which are likely to require additional search tasks in the frame of the translation carried out,
  • the idea of delivering service to the client, and working with the client, for a result of high standard.

We offer professional translations in the following language pairs:





  • monitoring of competitors,
  • market studies,
  • e-reputation,
  • themes and topics.

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Would you like information on your business market, on your competitors, on the state and trends of current and emerging technologies? Would you like to know what is said about you, your business, your products, and that from time to time or on a regular basis?

All these requests are indeed intelligence activity, whether business, competitive, strategic, or even thematic.

Dooblisys could be your partner and thus take in charge your business activities, whether in the choice of information (and information sources) to monitor, in collecting and analyzing relevant information, and in disseminating this information.

Marketing et communication digitale


  • Document Management Systems (DMS),
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM),
  • Community Management,
  • content update,
  • search engine optimization (SEO),
  • Google AdWords campaigns.

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Attract new customers, retain your existing customers, inform and communicate about your activities or products not only via traditional media, but also on the Internet via social networks or community sites, optimize your SEO and expand your visibility.

Services in the areas of writing and managing the content on your website, animating your community (i.e. Community Management) on social networks and community sites, and SEO.

Sites Internet


  • analysis of user needs,
  • set up and maintenance,
  • contacts with outsourcers,
  • design,
  • management of access levels,

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Just as sales brochures or advertising materials, websites are strongly recommended today to communicate with customers and partners, or to present business operations, products or events.

"Turnkey" solutions and packages are countless and more or less attractive in terms of prices, but are they tailored to your needs?

Our offer for creating websites is a customized offer, developed from discussions with you to identify your needs, your expectations and build together a unique project. We can also handle your site content updates (articles, photographs or documents) if required.

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